Do's and Dont's during the loan process


1. DO NOT close or open any bank accounts. We have to then process those, and start review over.
2. DO NOT transfer funds between accounts without asking the loan officer first.
3. DO NOT deposit money into the account, that is not payroll. We then have to show where its from.
4. DO NOT change jobs or quit your job. Please!!
5. DO NOT Make any large purchases like a car, furnishings or appliances yet. Just give it a few weeks.
6. DO NOT Apply for any new credit OF ANY KIND please.
7. DO NOT run up your credit card balances. That can possibly ruin the debt to income ratio we need.


1. DO Pay your bills on time. This advice works all of the time.
2. DO Follow the loan officers advice.
3. DO keep us informed. If any changes happen to pay, employment, commissions, raises, transfers ect.
4. DO Contact us immedietly if any information on your loan app changes.
5. DO File your taxes on time, and let us know if anything has changed since then, like if you got married.

How do I contact you?

The Contact form page, or richard@morethanmortgage.com, 916-996-8527

How do I know that the forms and site are secure?

The loan application form has 256-bit encryption which can be verified on the home page. All forms for signature are also encrypted and password protected. We maintain all backup data on secure dedicated servers at a secret location only we can access.

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